Sunday, January 22, 2012

January Goodness=Happy New Year:)

Happy 2012 Everyone! I hope the new year is treating all with kid-gloves, kindness and respect:) and if not=kick back! Heres some new work and shows-happening and upcoming! Above- we have a sketch that will be painted by a Last Rites Gallery artist=For the Art Fusion Charity Event! With a live painting Event Feb 11th-leading up to the Gala and Charity Auction Feb. 25th!

"What's In The Box" 18 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas=This one's for "DARK POP 4"@ Last Rites Gallery in March, guest curated by Gary Pressman:)
Thanks to all for attending WWA Gallery's "ABOUT FACE" show!
My contribution to the show="Vicious Vangogh" 16 x 20 sold:)

"Go Go Vangogh" 16 x 20 sold with Thinkspace @ The Affordable Art Fair this past Weekend!
Coming up we have "Femme Fatale"@ Cella Gallery on February 25th and Thinkspace Gallery's "Picks Of The Harvest" in March! Ill post pics as they come. Thanks you guys!!:)

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