Sunday, October 2, 2011

"New Stuff/Happenings!"

Figured it was time for an update because time flys and one somethings done-I'm already on to the next few things!-Here's Various sketches for commission's already completed=Some WIP's and Show Happenings:)

Hey Everyone! No Images in particular order here= but they're fun to look at:)The Garbage Pail piece sold.. The "Professional" one didn't yet=it's at Gallery 1988 Melrose= and if it doesn't sell soon I'll burn it in effagy to "the gods of good intentions"=Of which the road to hell is paved with etc etc:)

This piece did sell at Beyond Eden art fair..yay!
Works from a "Garbage Pail Kids" and "Old Skool Video Games" shows at Gallery 1988. And the "Passion of the Crunch" was at BEYOND EDEN-a Thinkspace/Multi Gallery Event Oct.1st and 2nd. Thanks to Thinkspace, Gallery 1988 and Samy K! and to You for checking in!

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