Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Newest Latest Project Overload

This all seems like alot, but its all run pretty smoothly! Heres a bunch of pics, work in progress shots=most notably the uber-successful "Beyond Eden 2010" event{the"Frustrated Incorporated" piece=Thanks Andrew Dokken!}, "Horrorwood" at WWA Gallery {The Ryden homage}{Thanks Rob!}, "Bad Dads" a Wes Anderson tribute art show{Thanks Ken!}, a London Miles Gallery UK group show coming in November{the "Ringo"piece}, and Dirty Pilot.com just released a limited edition print of the "Bad Mutha' Wizard"{they look sweeeet! Thanks Alan!}..also coming up is "Revelations"{a "revealing Banksy" exhibition} in the UK later in October where I'll be showing some prints{Thanks Mason!}, the "Thinkspace Gallery 5 Year Anniversary" show in November, Have one or two things cookin for the Art Basel event in December, and slowly developing a possible animated project...With all of these things going on it still doesn't FEEL like its enough=Like a dope fiend with a big calming rush that fades, and then the gut tightens drooling for bigger? Addicted to deadlines and amassing knowledge in this twisted art world=Its a Daily quest to cop the dope. Im just glad to have friends that are wayyyyy smarter than I!


  1. wow busy schedule. I really dig Mark of The Beast. You're one awesome artist:)

  2. Hey Dave, a.k.a. deadline fiend, glad to see you're going places and getting in on some cool gigs! It's about time, my friend. Love the Ringo/Girl With Pearl Earring and Ryden paintigs. Actually, they're all amazing!


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