Thursday, February 11, 2010

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My main gallery dude told me to be more verbal and to start a blog. He didnt know,man i've had this blog for 3 years but I guess its all been visual. I've always cringed at the soap operas that artists spew and maybe I should spew .Here's verbal spew..Latest Painting::I'm calling this "Another Perfect Day"{ a title lifted from one of my fave Motorhead albums{?} of the 80's} and its a big ol' 24 x 36 acrylic on canvas. Call me a wanna bee but man I figure I might as well just go for it and be a blatant Todd Schorr scavenger. It's visually dense as a "Todd", and I tried not to look at his work to influence it. About the only motif mirroring his is that it has hill's in the distance. It just has the "Todd" celebratorial "everthing but the kitchen sink" feel, and the whole painting is about Miseryland, and how pop culure has mutated our mind's into fast-food. There's alot of purple/grey's and pink/grey's going on. I've switched my palate {in hind-sight= probably for the past 11 months} to primarily using purple greys, pink and violet. I'll use light blue to offset stuff, but the work has taken a monochromatic pastellic tonal vibe..Probably because I wanted to simplify things..and by judging the piece=Damn, I just realized that Ive made shit all the more complicated..Doh! Zoinks! etc SLOW DECADE. com just wrote a very cool post about the piece/and me/my stuff..This site pretty much nails it..Great great job.. peep it after the jump----> Dave MacDowell knows this

, puncturing 80's pop ephemera like gaudy bullet holes through canvas. From his compact bio (emphasis added):

"Dave Paints Acrylic on Canvas in the Lowbrow/ Pop Surrealism movement. His focus is on Childhood Fantasy and our Contemporary Cultural Nightmare."

Head-on collisions between du jour populism and McOffal are neither brave, nor new, but they're rarely illustrated this well. Nor do they speak so precisely to the pre-Millenials who grew up on Disney, Bob Ross, and Mulan action figures. MacDowell executes his vision through inspired portraiture and massive tableaus (evoking Wally Wood's celebrated

Disneyland Memorial Orgy

poster for 70's satire mag The Realist) where corporate brands bro-out on some infinite shore. Possibly in Jersey.

Browse his flickr

and wonder where it all went wrong.

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